Get To Know US


Our Story

Incarnate Publishing is publishing company created for the sole purpose of empowering creators who yearns for the freedom to tell an authentic story. We particularly give special preferences to Conscious Creators. Most especially people of African Descent.

What We Represent

At Incarnate Publishing, we want to be known for being a Content Creation Machine that’s always turning abstract ideas into relatable 2D and 3D pieces.

Our Mission

To empower the future creators today.

Our Vission

To produce at least a thousand new authors before the turn of the century.

The Goal Of  Incarnate Publishing

To publish at least 1000 Original Works of African Authors, before the turn of the century.

Our Team

The holistic watchword of our team is Unrepentant Excellent Delivery. We are perpetually dedicated to helping to properly reframe the African Narrative.


Our Founder is a Polymath, who seeks to give wings to talented and hardworking African Creators. His name is Seun Ambassador.