1. The importance of telling the stories of Africa and all her children by them and from their perspective.

   2. The bridging of the gaps between Black people all over the world is long overdue.


One of our priority is to write thought-provoking blogs, from our histories, and current events and how we can learn from those events and use the knowledge to uplift our people.

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In a noisy world where people and their works can be isolated in a crowd and buried under the ever-increasing weight of big corporations and industrial giants, there has never been a time that we are hungrier for a platform dedicated to AFRO-OWN BUSINESSES.

This page is a free marketing page for all Afro entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers to be visible without being like a grain of dust in the ocean of social networks and the search engines alike.

Community is the foundation of any successful group of people.

The search of identity and a sense of belonging are two of some of the most sought after things that people of African descent are engaged in a world where they are individually integrated, (mostly on paper than everyday experiences).

We are still spreading across the globe without sufficient self-knowledge, thus, leading to more miseducation and wasting of time that is better invested in self-determination and uplifting in ''SELF-AWAKENING'' a journey that other groups of people deemed trivial.

The unity of Black people globally cannot and should not wait any longer.


This page is a directory to help find Afro-Communities across the world.

Global Afro-Communities

Digging up the histories of Black people that had been kept secret is almost a treasure hunt movement by those that are curious about our ancestors and feel the need to build a better connection with our roots.

This page is to help tell our own stories in our various voices to help avoid the forthcoming generations from engaging in treasure-hunting our stories and then learning about us from people of other races.

The stories page of this site is open to every person of African descent to document their stories uncensored, and the rest of us and the world can read and draw inspiration from it.

Are you looking for a place to view lists of books written by authors of African blood?

Well, look no further.

This book recommendation page is designed to help give you an undistracted look into the writing world of Afro writers.

So, dive into the page and discover your next must-read book.


Cracks in the Wall

''If a wall does not crack,

a lizard will not crawl in.''

-Yoruba proverb-



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